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Emergency Roof Repair Portsmouth, NH 00210


A True Roofing Emergency Portsmouth, NH 00210 

Any roof repair need should be considered urgent, as compared to most other home repair and upgrade projects. Emergency! The definition varies widely with different people. What about an emergency roof repair? What exactly constitutes something that needs immediate attention from our Portsmouth, NH techs?


Here are three different levels of roof repair urgency, beginning with an emergency: (844) 529-5817


  • A tree, branch, or other falling or wind-borne object has smashed a hole into your roof. 
  • A storm has torn off shingles and/or flashing or otherwise caused major leakage points on your roof. 
  • A section of your roof has been damaged so severely that a tarp has to be put over it to prevent expensive water damage.
  • A fire may have burned up a section of your roof. 


Urgent, but Non-Emergency Roofing Issues Portsmouth, NH (844) 529-5817


  • Hail damage which would require a quick visit from your home insurance agent and a roof inspection.
  • If your current roofing is showing signs of its age and is in need of replacement


Until Help Arrives! NH 00210 (844) 529-5817


Our Techs are ready to answer your distress call! The local professionals in Portsmouth, NH 00210 are quick to jump into action, but in a pinch, neutralizing roofing damage during an emergency. You may need to climb up and place a tarp over the damaged section to alleviate further water damage. It’s important to note, however, that you should never climb up during a storm.

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